Faculty and Employee Assistance Program

Emotional Support During COVID In light of these uncertain times, FEAP is pleased to share resources we have collected and created for you, our FEAP customers, in support of your mental and emotional wellness.

Parenting Support Group – We invite you to join a recurring parenting support group beginning in September for a small group of UVA employees. Our group’s focus will be on parenting during the pandemic, acknowledging one another, and supporting one another in our coping and struggles.

Virtual Wellness Resources

Hoos Well – provides a suite of virtual resources to help you remain physically and emotionally well during the extraordinary challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.


UVA HR Benefits to Assist with Caregiving – UVA understands that the rapidly evolving state of COVID-19 has delivered plenty of challenges to our employees, including that of childcare and eldercare. That is why we are looking at the best options to meet your needs through care-giving solutions and discounted rates. 

UVA HR: Child Care Resources
– Information on Childcare and Daycare, Child Counseling and Babysitting

UVA HR: Managing leave during Covid
– This page explains what each of these leave types are, who they apply to, how to use them, and how to record the absence in the various timekeeping systems. In addition, it references UVA’s Short-Term Disability benefit programs and Emergency Administrative Leave, and explains how and when they can be used with the above leave types. (NETBADE LOGIN REQUIRED)

Employee Community Resources Service -The Employee Community Resource Service helps members of the UVA community connect with local organizations who can assist with basic needs such as housing, clothing, utilities, and food, as well as assistance with personal budgeting and finance strategies.

Bright Horizons – The next time you have a disruption in family care, you won’t have to skip a beat. Your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care benefit can find care when and where you need it. You’ll have peace of mind, and your loved ones will get the care they need — and deserve.

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