We understand that these are overwhelming times. Please don’t hesitate to take care of yourself.

Teachers are so woven into the fabric of our communities that, sometimes, it can be easy to take them for granted. Tending to the needs of children, parents and staff, K-12 teachers are forced to deal with limited support from their administrations, consistently changing curriculums and even dire health situations like a pandemic, creating stress and burnout. External link  With everything they have to juggle, teachers can sometimes overlook their own self-care and mental health needs.

To support the mental health of teachers and school staff, Teach.com has researched and collected helpful apps recommended by support organizations for teachers, articles focusing on their mental wellbeing and other resources written, created and produced by educators or mental health experts, agencies and organizations for educators and school staff.


Check out the families page for resources to assist you in teaching students, but if there is something else that you need, fill out the form and let us know.

Anti-Racist Resources: For Teachers by Teachers

Are you looking for anti-racist resources created by teachers, for teachers? Click here.

Love…No Ego

The LoveNoEgo Foundation provides real-world development for youth and young adults ages 10-24, utilizing its principles, Love over Ego, Love over Fear, & Communication over Conflict, helping them to overcome challenges, find purpose, and live their true greatness. The vision of the organization is for every youth should have the tools to make positive decisions and create positive experiences, giving them sustainable inspiration to live their best life. They offer motivational speaking, workshops, mentoring and athletic training. For more information contact: Love No Ego Foundation, Inc. at P.O.Box 7134 Charlottesville, Va. 22906 or call (434) 2626-0442.

Live Arts

Live Arts is putting on three free Zoom workshops about virtual directing of an online streamed musical, digital stage management and production, and teaching full-day theater camps in an online environment. Click here for more information.

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