The website is joint venture between The Equity Center, Madison House, and Youth Nex.

The Equity Center

The UVA Democracy Initiative Center for the Redress of Inequity through Community Engaged Scholarship (aka The Equity Center) represents a new model of community engaged scholarship, imagining the university as not just an anchor institution, but also an authentic community resource. We work across multiple sectors in the Charlottesville regional community, providing holistic support to organizations focused on affordable housing, food insecurity, youth and education, transportation, jobs and wages and healthcare. We partner with nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and community leaders to elevate their voices in decision making efforts. Our community partnerships and advocacy within the University work in tandem to create a more equitable culture. 

Madison House

Madison House serves as the volunteer center for students at the University of Virginia. We coordinate volunteers, develop leaders, build community partnerships and promote lifelong volunteer service. Madison House organizes service programs to address the needs of the community as well as the educational and personal growth objectives of students.

UVA Curry Youth-Nex

Youth-Nex is a trans-disciplinary center focusing on three core domains: a) Out-of-School Time; b) Educational Systems: Middle School; and c) Community Engagement: Civic and Political (learn more in our about page). Central to its work is a translational approach to scholarship and innovation which aims to expand and apply the science of Positive Youth Development to enhance the strengths of youth and to prevent developmental risk such as violence; physical and mental health issues; substance abuse and school failure.


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